Friday, 3 April 2009

Enjoying Retirement

Another magazine project. This time I changed the wording - both signs said 'Do not disturb!' - and used a piece of plywood and chain insead of card as the mount. I stitched on much lower count cloth than they had to get bigger signs.
Actually, it's one sign with the two designs front and back. Jerry will offer it to the group he is part of. If the office is open the person there would be free to use either side.


Steven is off on a school trip on Sunday. The students will be housed by parents of the host school, and he needed a host(ess) present. Vienna at this time of year has lovely Easter markets. I particularly like the one on Freyung. Jerry and I went there this week, and I had a lovely time chosing 6 eggs.

But it seemed a shame to house such lovely eggs in a plain grey cardboard egg box, so I decorated the box. The picture in the center is one Jerry took of the stand where I bought the eggs.