Saturday, 30 December 2006

Shalom Flashcard Case

Just an example of what sort of things I might do:

I needed a case to hold my Hebrew flashcards. The letters are from the Shalom Alphabet book by avodat yad. I stitched them in my own selection of colours onto Aida band. Then I stitched down the hem and crocheted around the sides and top hem. (12 weight machine embroidery thread is great for fine crochet work, and comes in so many colours.)
I have set myself the challenge of creating something in some form of 'fibre arts' at least every two weeks during 2007. Creating includes at least some design work. It also includes making the item and doing any finishing needed. There are just so many techniques I want to try out.

In crochet there are hairpin lace and tapestry crochet.

I really want to do more in tablet weaving.

Then I have a lot of beads that need to be used somehow. - Maybe the vest I've been promising myself.

And then there is so much more to try out in felting.

Not to mention the various cording techniques I have only just started to explore.